15 Best Farewell Gift for Girl Colleague in 2021

Selecting an awesome gift for farewell especially for girls is an art and can be quite tricky as well. You will definitely want to make that last meeting a memorable one and thus, a perfect goodbye gift for a female colleague will surely help you to create an everlasting impression. So, in order to impress a girl whether she is a senior, a best friend, or a co-worker, here we have filtered for you some of the best presents to bid adieu to females. So, just jump and check out these coolest farewell gifts for girls.

Best Farewell Gift for Girl Colleague

Long Distance State Coffee Mug

A farewell gift for girl colleague should be both beautiful and thoughtful, and this premium ceramic mug with custom designs ticks both the boxes. You can customize this mug as per your wish by selecting the quote beginning and the country/city maps to be printed according to the place you and your female colleague is going to reside (with hearts being placed over the city you choose).

One can choose from 11 Oz or 15 Oz mugs with a pool of color options for the cities oriented. Being dishwasher (upper rack recommended) and microwave safe adds an extra value to this goodbye gift.

Jar of Calm

Nothing better than helping someone get rid of negativity in life than from afar. This stylish gift box helps you with just that and the graceful design makes this Jar of Calm a perfect gift for farewell female co-workers. This beautiful 300 ml glass jar full of quotes on calmness and mindfulness will help to focus and relax in life. The printing and color choices have a very soothing effect. So, this will prove to be a stress buster and an inspiring factor, especially for a working woman.

Goodbye Journal

This simple and sober journal with a perfect goodbye quote on the matte soft cover makes a perfect last-minute going away gift. It’ll definitely flatter a departing female co-worker or that someone special. It contains 180 lined pages inside which allows everyone who loves and misses that special someone to write heartfelt messages. It makes the leaving person realize how important she is to you and so, it makes a perfect send-off present.

Best Friend Candle

A gift for a woman made by a woman will help empower a woman as a portion of the proceeds is donated for women in need. This candle packed in a reusable apothecary jar with special messages written for your partner in crime makes a cool farewell gift for a girl’s best friend. The braided cotton with paper core wick and have no additives, zinc, and lead adds to its value. So, leave your best friend awestruck with the vanilla fragrance and crispy message on this perfect gift even when you’re away.

Donut Forget Memory Book

A memorable gift for goodbyes is the one that carries emotions and memories with it and this Memory book with a creative message is a prime example of this. It’s a book where colleagues or friends can share memories through short anecdotes, pictures, or notes, and hence, this book can be personalized according to a particular person. Thus, this book makes a perfect farewell gift for girls as it will surely make the strings of their soft hearts vibrate.

Not That Far Towel

Want to bid adieu to your friend with this cute message then this dish towel as a farewell gift will do that for you in a heartwarming way. This beautiful little aid made from high-quality cotton for domestic use will make a gift that’s sure to please the receiver. Moreover, its softness and durability are something to look for. So, tell that departing friend of yours about how you really feel in a fun way through this going away gift.

Macrame Photo Display

If a female friend or colleague is moving to a new place then help her make that new place attractive and refreshing by gifting this wall decor photo display. This hanging photo display is an artistic way to showcase memorable photos, memos, or artworks that complement any space whether home, office or any other room. One can customize the wall decoration by removing or adding photos with removable wood clips and so, it makes a gorgeous farewell gift.

Still Together Spoon

These stainless steel spoons might seem a mundane and small gift but it has a sweet little message engraved on it especially for coffee lovers which portray your emotions towards the receiver. Hence, this trendy silverware multipurpose spoon will prove to be a perfect going away gift for a female colleague or friend as the long-lasting engraved impression will make them think about you every time they see it.

Journey Bracelet

When your own words can’t reach them, reach out with this token of love and inspiration. This earthy burnished silver and warm bronze metal bracelet with different inspiring and lovely quotes to choose from transmit positive energy. With such cute structure and good vibes, this makes a unique farewell gift for someone you care about.

Long distance friendship keychain

An adorable and perfect gift for friends residing far from you. The two keychains (each including a half heart charm, ‘No Matter Where’ charm and a compass ) are made such that both completes each-other and hence, is a very thoughtful farewell gift for girl friends. The velvet jewellery bag adds to the value. Moreover, the good quality materials used makes it safe and durable.

Smudge kit

A wonderful gift for someone shifting to a new house. This kit helps to clear negative energies by purifying and cleansing the new space and is ideal for housewarming. The clear instructions explaining elements inside and their usage make it easy to use the product. The impressive craftsmanship with fresh smell makes this kit a perfect going away gift for someone as beautiful and lovely as the kit’s packaging.

I Fu*king Miss You Mug

A perfect farewell gift for a perfect friend especially the ones with some beverage addiction. This dishwasher and microwave-safe 11Oz mug with a message which doesn’t fade is made long-distance friendships. So, make that friend or colleague of yours feel special with this beautiful going away gift.

Bye Felica Wine Glass

A fine stem-less glassware makes an impressive gift for bidding adieu to your acquaintance. The elegant wine glass with goodbye imprinted on it makes the receiver enjoy and cherish the memories made with you alongside some fine wine. 

Willow Tree Friendship Box

This hand-painted keepsake box with two females sculpted on it is a meaningful going away gift for women. The sentimental message of love and friendship wrote inside makes it a special gift for girlfriends which communicates beyond words. This is packed in a box with an enclosure card and ready to give away as a gift and is a perfect showpiece for the shelf, table, or mantle. 

Best Bitches Bracelet

An elegant cuff bracelet with “Best Bitches” engraved on it makes a sentimental farewell gift for your girl’s best friend. It’s made of stainless steel with a high-quality polish finish and packed in a beautiful jewelry box which makes it a gift ready to give.